Advanced Picosecond Laser Machine for Tattoo Removal Professional Laser Tattoo Removal Machine for Sale

Advanced Picosecond Laser Machine for Tattoo Removal Professional Laser Tattoo Removal Machine for Sale

Our Advanced Picosecond Laser Machine is the ultimate solution for efficient and precise tattoo removal. Utilizing cutting-edge picosecond technology, it breaks down ink particles with minimal discomfort and faster healing times. Ideal for professional use, it delivers exceptional results for all tattoo colors and skin types. Enhance your practice with our Professional Laser Tattoo Removal Machine. This device offers powerful and effective tattoo removal, utilizing advanced laser technology to target and break down ink particles. Suitable for all skin types, it ensures safe and efficient treatments with minimal side effects.

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1064nm and 532nm
10.4 inch Touch Display
Laser type
Q-Switched Nd
96 Kg

Top-Rated Tattoo Removal Laser Machine Affordable Tattoo Laser Removal Machine for Sale 

Experience the power of our Top-Rated Tattoo Removal Laser Machine. Designed for precision and efficiency, this machine provides effective tattoo removal for various ink colors and depths. Its user-friendly interface and robust performance make it a valuable addition to any professional clinic. Looking for an affordable solution for tattoo removal? Our Tattoo Laser Removal Machine for Sale offers high-quality performance at a competitive price. With advanced features and reliable technology, it ensures safe and effective treatments, making it a great investment for your business.

PICOPEAK PTP TM Tattoo Removal Machine

1064nm/532nm Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser


Imported Lambda Lens

10mm Adjustable Spot Size

Double and single pulse, with 2500mj high energy

High-power flat-top square wave power supply

Energy density intelligent

Detection system


Working Theory

The PicoPeak Picosecond Laser Machine uses ultra-short pulses (one trillionth of a second in length) to hit the melanin with a great pressure, the melanin shatters into tiny dust-like particles.

Because the particles are so small, they are more readily absorbed and eliminated by the body.

It is a quick and easy non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment for the body.


Before treatment

After treatment with nanosecond

After treatment with Picopeak picosecond laser tattoo removal machines

Q-switched lasers technology pigments are shattered into the tiniest particles making them easier to be eliminated by the body's natural process.



Brown and cyanine nevus of zygomatic


Nevus of ota


Age spot


Pigmentation after inflammation


Mongolian spot

Nevus of lto

Coffee Spot

Nevus Spilus


Light Guide Arm

Korea Import Light Guie Arm

Keep spot shape standard at any angle

Ten spot sizes adjustable

Uniform spot energy distribution

1064nm 532nm wavelength


laser skin resurfacing machine 10 Sizes

Ten spot sizes adjustable


Steelyard Weight Automatically raise light guide arm

7 joints articulated




ZOOM Handpiece

Adjustable from 2 to 10mm with 1mm step

Indications -Epidermal & dermal l pigmentation




49 fractional dots in 10x10mm

Indications -Thermal effect treatment




Up to 74 fractional dots 532+1064nm15 x more energy in each dot 35mm,25mm, 15mm Indications - Scars, Skin Rejuvenation, Melasma, Laser toning



650 DYE HANDPIECE Spot size: 2mm

Pulse Energy: Max.160mJRepetition rate: 1-2Hz

Indications -Tattoo removal picosecond laser tattoo removal machine



585 DYE HANDPIECE Spot size: 2mm

Pulse Energy: Max. 200mJRepetition rate: 1-2Hz

Indications -Tattoo removal


The Most Advanced Pigment Removal Technology

10.4 inch touchscreen laser tattoo removal machine

Fast and powerful

Time is short less damage

Absorb well recover quickly

Two kinds of pulse

4 wavelength light

Intelligent system



Our tattoo removal laser machine has a wide range of applications, such as tattoo removal, pigmentation removal, freckle removal and mole removal.

Light guide arm imported from South Korea: high cost, good lighting, transmission efficiency up to 90%, good performance, low attenuation.
Heavy hammer light guide arm, the center of gravity will not shift, ensuring no polarization, and more accurate light output.

The axis of the light guide wall is flexible, which is convenient for operation at various angles.

Laser emitter inside is a Φ8 inductance rod, which has higher energy, and the energy is not easy to attenuate, and the real energy can reach 800mj.

The exhibition is equipped with double lamps and double rods, φ6 and φ7 resistance rods, which have superior performance and durability.

High-quality Q switch, better pulse width compression effect, no energy leakage.The cheap Q switch will leak light, thus causing the skin to bleed.

1000W power supply, can design PTP mode.

High-tech PTP mode, two pulses are produced in a very short interval, such as 800mj can become 1600mj effect, which is the same as Korean high-quality picosecond, and the clinical effect is better.

Good water cooling system: high pressure pump plus filter to ensure machine performance.

4 cooling fans, stainless steel material, better cooling effect,Cheap machines only use 2 very small fans.


Technical Parameters

Dimension (W x D x H)

441(W) x 1012 (D) x 834 (H) (mm )

(Include Arm H : 1678 mm)


87.5 Kg

Weight including accessories

96 Kg

Main voltage

220/230V, 50/60Hz

Maximum power consumption

3000 VA

Main current

12 A

Safety class

Laser type

Class laser

Q-Switched Nd:YAG


1064nm / 532nm

Beam delivery system

Via 7-articulated arm

Aiming beam

635nm, 5mW

Beam mode quality

Top Hat Mode


Up to 1400mJ @ 1064nm PTP Q-Switched

Up to 600mJ @ 532nm PTP Q-Switched

Up to 800mJ @ 1064nm Q-Switched

Up to 400mJ @ 532nm Q-Switched

Up to 1800mJ @ 1064nm Quasi-Long

Pulse width

6ns @ 1064nm Q-Switched

up to 10Hz

6ns @ 532nm Q-Switched

~20ns @ 1064nm PTP Q-Switched

~20ns @ 532nm PTP Q-Switched

300 @ 1064nm Quasi-Long

Repetition Rate

up to 10Hz

Laser cooling

Water-to-air heat exchanger

Zoom Handpiece

1064nm and 532nm ( 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)mm

1064nm DOE Handpiece

7 x 7 mm2 , 7 x 7 dots

532nm DOE Handpiece

7 x 7 mm2 , 7 x 7 dots

MLA Handpiece

1064nm and 532nm

*585nm Dye Handpiece

Ø 2 (mm)

650nm Dye Handpiece

Ø 2 (mm)


+10 ~ +40

Relative humidity

30 ~ 75 %

Atmospheric pressure

700 ~1060 hPa



Is this a real picosecond laser, and how can tattoo laser removal machine be proven?


Real video demonstrations can prove it, but selling to customers based on their tests might not work because they lack the necessary equipment and expertise.


Those with some knowledge understand that a true picosecond laser creates a bright spot at the front end of the emitting device, due to the air ionization effect. Adjusted Q-switched (nanosecond) lasers do not exhibit this phenomenon. Some may try to simulate picosecond effects using 1.5 ns lasers, which is a kind of pseudo picosecond.


In summary, if a customer can't afford a picosecond laser, explaining further won't help much. In such cases, it's better to suggest alternatives.


Is a single-lamp single-rod or dual-lamp dual-rod better?


All else being equal, dual-lamp dual-rod is better. In practical terms:


Single-lamp single-rod uses an 8mm sensing rod with a cost of around $5000, producing a maximum of 800mj per single pulse and 1500mj per double pulse, with no light leakage. This setup uses imported UK lamps costing around $1000.


Dual-lamp dual-rod employs 6+7mm resistance rods, with a cost of approximately $1500. It produces 700-800mj per single pulse and has no double pulse function, with a slight light leakage of around 100mj. These setups use local lamps that cost less than $100 each.


The number of lamps alone doesn't matter; it's the quality of the rods that counts. High-quality sensing rods are the best, followed by military-grade resistance rods, and lastly regular resistance rods. Quality can be discerned, and there's no way to deceive an informed buyer. A professional test is often needed.


How can I see the internal structure of tattoo removal machines? Do you have pictures of the inside?


For laser internal structures, people can't tell or don't understand their significance. Typically, customers are concerned with the number of lamps and rods. Images of the entire machine's interior can be provided upon request.


Why is your product more expensive than others claiming to be picosecond lasers?

In reality, very few are true picosecond lasers; this includes us. Our higher price is mainly due to the cost of materials. True picosecond lasers have prices ranging from $15,000 to $20,000. The market includes devices priced lower than this, even as low as $12,800 in Guangzhou, but they are not true picosecond lasers.


[Insert image]


For laser components tattoo removal machine cost:


A high-end single-lamp single-rod laser costs around $24,000.


The optical arm costs around $5,500.


The power supply costs around $3,500.


For dual-lamp dual-rod:


It costs around $7,500.


The optical arm costs around $3,000.


The power supply costs around $2,100.


Price differences are substantial, and lower-priced options typically cater to a different customer segment. Trying to convince customers otherwise might not be effective. Focusing on the quality, performance, and long-term reliability of the product is more important.


Is this a Q-switched Nd YAG laser or a true PICO laser?


The term "Q-switched" refers to nanosecond pulse compression technology. Nanosecond lasers typically operate at 5000 picoseconds (ps). While some claim 5000ps lasers as picosecond, true picosecond lasers are typically below 800ps. However, without specific standards, the distinction can be challenging. Some call 5000ps Q-switched lasers picosecond, but they target different consumer groups.


Size and weight? Differences in various configurations?


Refer to the marketing materials for these details. If comparing from high to low, you can explain the differences. However, there's no need to explain the differences when comparing from low to high, as the price difference is substantial.


What is the wavelength of laser tattoo removal machine for sale, and can it remove tattoos of all colors?


Refer to the product manual for information on wavelengths and tattoo color removal capabilities. Yellow cannot be removed with lasers.


Can best laser tattoo removal machine be used with a regular power source?


Yes, it can.


I heard wavelengths 694nm / 532nm / 1064nm are crucial. What about these?


Different wavelengths serve different purposes. 1064nm is common for tattoo removal, while 532nm is used for red and orange pigments. 694nm is less common and typically not used for tattoo removal.



What does the machine interface look like, and why is it different from the main picture?


Higher-end models have different interfaces. Lower-end models use standard interfaces. The primary differences can be seen in the marketing materials.



What's the difference between the high-end and low-end versions?


Refer to the marketing materials for details.



Does the best tattoo removal machine have crystals? What's the thickness?


If referring to laser rods, it's in the marketing materials. However, these questions may be asked by those who don't understand well, and some people use these concepts to mislead customers.



A customer asked about a 350ps pulse width, but it doesn't display on the interface. Should it be added?


It doesn't display. If customers request it, it can be added.



A customer asked if we were from Han's Laser.


We are not. Claiming to be Han's Laser is simply an imitation; the packaging may be similar.



Can the brow washing machine be used immediately after tattoo removal, without any waiting time?


No, typically, skin needs 3-4 weeks to recover from skin damage before further procedures.



Which optional handles should I buy, and what are the differences?


Refer to the marketing materials for differences. Suggest handles based on customer needs.



I'm considering another machine with a Coherent brand laser, 1200mj @1064nm, 3000w power supply, 7lt water cooling, and dual-rod laser. Is it a true picosecond laser?


First, there's no Coherent laser; even if there were, it would be unaffordable. Second, a 3000w power supply is unlikely; typically, they're 1000w. Third, the pulse width is almost certainly a fabrication. You should evaluate these claims carefully.



Who are your main reputable competitors of tattoo removal machine for sale?


We're considering Sea Heart, Sincoheren, and Winkonlaser.

Consider whoever provides real test videos displaying energy and pulse width. However, it's important to remember that claims can be deceptive, and ultimately, price matters most. Customers should be cautious when evaluating different products.




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